Welcome to Science/Feminism DB. The purpose of this site is to provide a collection of links to scientific research, reviews of research, and (meta-)analyses of research, which support and expand upon feminist theory/critique.

Links originally collected from Jadehawk’s post here.


Research is currently grouped by category and date published. You can use the category links to your right to browse, or scroll down and click on the tag cloud of year published.

I am currently trying to figure out a way that you can restrict multiple things at once (select a category AND a year). Hopefully that’ll be up and running soon.


Do not think of this as a blog. Think of this as a link collection. This is not a platform for you to debate or discuss feminist theory and the scientific research related to it. This is a collection of links. Commenting is currently allowed for only three purposes: (1) correcting information in title/link/categories, (2) adding links to full-text or analyses of the research, (3) suggesting links to research in the literature which directly disputes the claims of the originally linked material.

Any and all comments failing to explicitly fall into these categories will be deleted. Moreover, following review of any admissable comments, those too will be removed after any necessary corrections have been made to the post text.


For now, add a comment on this page (note: it will enter moderation, this way the page doesn’t get cluttered up. I will see it, though, don’t worry!)

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